Welcome to Everything Pinball!

Hello and thanks for visiting my website!  My name is Jeff Kasten (Minnesota), and I enjoy everything about pinball - playing, collecting, restoring, you name it.  PInball is my passion.

I have been playing pinball since I was able to climb up to the bar stool.   My dad was always willing to give up those dimes and quarters.  I loved the dime machines because I'd get more games for my buck!  The two pinball machines that started my addiction were 1964 Williams Palooka and 1974 Williams Skylab.  In 1996 I bought my first pinball machine, a Twilight Zone, and in a few years I had too many  pinballs.  Some had to go, so I have been buying, trading, and selling pinball machines for over 10 years now.  I really enjoy bringing the machines back to life by cleaning them inside and out and getting them playing great.  After all, that's what it's all about - a great playing game.

So my goal for this website is to bring people and pinball together - whether it's finding the right pinball machine, connecting with resources, or keeping up with pinball events.  I hope you enjoy your visit!  Thanks again!